With Educating for Black Lives, Routledge Education reaffirms its longstanding commitment to social justice and racial equality at this critical moment in history. Created in collaboration with authors, this site makes freely available some of our most powerful and pertinent material—alongside newly written introductions to many readings—as well as a curated collection of additional resources. Intended to support educators across contexts—classrooms, communities, homes, workshops, and more—we present this website as an offering to those newly or perennially engaged in this important work. We are proud to be working with the authors featured in this collection.

Portrait of a young girl titled Under the Same Sky by Kevin Ledo

Main image: Under the Same Sky by Kevin Ledo

Top image: Harlem Children’s Zone 25th annual Children's March for Peace, New York City


Educators need timely, informative, and engaging resources to teach effectively about institutional racism and structural inequality that Covid-19 and the recent deaths of African Americans in police encounters have made explicit. Educating For Black Lives: Readings and Resources for Anitracist Education consists of discerning, incisive, and informative resources that educators can use to enrich and enliven their teaching, challenge their students, and motivate them to learn.

—James A. Banks, Kerry and Linda Killinger Endowed Chair in Diversity Studies Emeritus,
University of Washington, Seattle, USA